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We are the edge of the Antalya Car Hire!!

We are the edge of the Antalya Car Hire!!


Yes I agree music is part of our life.So We know that because music part of my life.When I'm driving,playing in shower always singing so when you taking rental car from airport we will give you music CDs.Our company has got an intresting event again.We are starting to improve our Antalya Car Rental service.While you are making your reservation about Antalya Car Hire please add your music requests in special request's box.No matter what you want.Our archive got thousands of musics.When you arrived We ll give your music cd as free.This event for your's happiness.Antalya Car Hire's best cd list is like Pink Floyd Deep Purple Led Zeppelin Whitesneak etc like those rock bands.Here It's the biggest difference between other companies.We are trying to make our guest happy and confortful.We hope you ll like this event.

Antalya Car Hire is trying to get your pleasure with 7/24 working style.


From the Antalya Car Hire To Endless Friendship


Whatever our company found for Money we dont intrest it in it.Our first mission is "Friendship".Like The Lord Of The Rings.You know their's Fellowship Of the Ring"Ours Friendship of the Cars.That's little joke.Whatever when you came out the plane we serve you drinks,foods for rest.I think You can not find Antalya Car Hire company like us.Because we trust ourselves and our service.We have never looked our guests like Money and will have never.And please do not forget after the our friendship you got a familiy a friend a brother in Antalya.That's why we are top of the Antalya Car Hire.


New years , new cars !

 Antalya Rent a Car offers the best rental cars with the most suitable prices for our guests from not only foreign countries but also Turkey in this new year, too. You can either call us or check our website for a look at the prices and make a reservation. Contact us for rental cars with best prices.

In The Christmas Find Car Easily

Antalya rent a car offers affordable prices for cars.You dont have to be Turkish.We can rent a car everybody.For a renting a car please call us or check the prices on our website and than make your reservation.For affordable prices please contact us.....

For contact: 7/24


+90 532 426 88 66
+90 531 010 80 85

Date of Announcements: 2017-02-25 16:02:00