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Our fleet new Dacia Duster 4 x 4

Our fleet new Dacia Duster 4 x 4


Also we have now Suzuki Jimny 2016-17 for our amazing customers.If you want to rent a 4x4 you need to find us.The best 4x4 cars in our fleet.Antalya rent a car try harder for you.We add our filo stronger jeeps.They are dacia dusters 4x4.We buy those cars for you.You can travel easly Antalya's mountains easly.You can go everwhere.You have a chance of discovering new places.Everyhing is for our customers.You can travel mountains and find some ancient Roman Emperor's villages up to mountains.Do not miss this chance...

 Antalya Rent a Car every day to offer you more high quality works on behalf of the serve. The powerful fleet Dacia Duster 4 x 4 car rental jeepleri. Luxury car rental demand, and all-terrain vehicle for our customers who prefer the Dacia Duster is waiting for you ...

We started the period of deposit and Reubengitonga car rental!

Antalya Rent a Car, rent a car, it's too easy.Antalya Rent a Car, we can offer a fast and secure thanks to a reliable service has extended engine on behalf of rent a car is turning all the conditions to live in favor of experience. Now to rent a car and pay a deposit or credit card, sign the promissory note you do not have to block. At least 2 years if you are coming from abroad, to record with the license, and if you bring your Passport. Want to rent a car, do you want to pay for the period of time from the airport to the city centre of Antalya and leave your car at a point of your choice and get a place of your choice again. 

Antalya Rent a Car we would recommend that in addition to the mileage limit on this. You can travel as much as you want with your vehicle. 

Antalya Rent a Car, rent a car must be insured all vehicles owned by you again (God forbid) without paying a single cent in an accident your vehicle delivered to you. 

In short, all the conditions that you Rent a Car, Antalya is also focused on the service that you want to stay!

Date of Announcements: 2017-02-26 13:09:40