Antalya Airport Rent a Car , Antalya Araç Kiralama

If you rent a car more than 15 days we will gift you free boat trio in Adrasan

If you rent a car more than 15 days we will gift you free boat trio in Adrasan

We make a special campaing for our special customers by Airport Antalya Car Rental.Until 15th of September when you rent a car from our company we will gift boat trip in Adrasan for every one customer.Antalya is really beautiful city and have very special Mediterrian beaches.We made an agreement with a Koray Captain in Adrasan and he will show you very virgin places.It doesnt matter which brand or what kind of car rent from us.It's enough to rent a car from us.Everybody is winning this daily boat tour.For more information you can communicate with us.

*Campaing considers all cars and brands

*For be inside of campaign you must rent a car more than 15 days

*Campaing only considers our customers they can not give their rights for someone else

*Campaign will finish at 15 th of September *If boat reserved before and it's full Airport Antalya Car Rental will give you date

*You dont need to make extra things for be inside of campaign.It's enough to show your watcher.

*You need to give your details 2 days earlier before you go Adrasan Information about Adrasan Boat Trip Adrasan boat trip is inside of rare boat trips in Turkey because it's so beautiful

.It's nature.Adrasan boat trip has 2 destinations one of it Suluada another one is virgin beaches.Suluada has another name in Turkey.It's name is Maldives of Turkey.This reputation is exactly true cuz beaches water sand colour nature everything is nearly same.But you can go there only with boat.There is no any road to that beaches.If you want to make your friends jealous just pick your phone rent a car from us go and take your boat trip in Adrasan after that just record and share.It will be enough to make them too jealous.

Date of Announcements: 2018-07-01 17:00:11