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Guaranteed your holiday with early reservation

Guaranteed your holiday with early reservation


Just do it.Take your phone and call our number.Antalya Airport Car Rental take care of other things.Antalya is too crowded in summer time.Because of Antalya got part of beautiful Mediterrian Sea,delicious and mount watering fruits,historical places etc.So you cannot imagine what you will see in Antalya.Those thing enough for the being crowded.And yes Antalya is got millions of tourist in summer.You know too much crowded means too much car hire demand.If you want to rent a car in summer time you have to make an early reservation.That would me more cheaper and more certain.We are big company and our demands much too.We really want to help you because we are trying to make you a unimaginable holiday you and your family.So please make an early reservation and get sale too.I already said and I say again Antalya is the best city in this world.Please take advantage of this beauty.Thanks.


If you have an accident What do you have to do?


In Turkey drivers don't know how to drive exactly.They do not have driving experiance enoughly.Please be careful in Turkey.Nevermind that isn't our main problem.Our main problem is What do you have to do when accident happend?

Firstly your hired car must have to rent a car insurance.It's most important thing.If your hired car doesn't have any rent a car insurance you have to pay all damaged area.If you drink alcohol our insurance doesn't pay your damaged area's fix cost.When you take traffic accident report and alcohol report you don't have any responsibility.Any car crash time you can call us (if you got your country's telephone number you must put 0090 before you call) 0 532 426 88 66 from that number 24/7.We wish you would have a beautiful and funny holiday.For us your familiy and their health the most important thing in this life.So do not thing other things anytime.


We Are Preparing To New Summer Season


We are working our all strenght for summer season.You know Antalya's population is really busy in summertime.So some reservaitons couldn't afford.But not by us by other firms.Yes we wish that kind of problem never happens in our company because of that we are working as can as we do.We are think all of details about perfect rent a car.Fully without any mistake.I just recommend you to meet us.Just meet us and you will know us easily....

Date of Announcements: 2017-02-26 12:46:50