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Discounted Make Your Vacation In Olympos Rent A Car From Us

Discounted Make Your Vacation In Olympos Rent A Car From Us

As Antalya Airport Rent a Car we continue to offer different discounts and campaigns to you. The discounts we made for the winter season were very welcomed by our customers and we’ve got positive responses for discount card application. All these beautiful responses are motivating us and we are thinking about how to increase the quality of service more. In Olympos we have chosen 3 different places. If you want to take a holiday with us through these agencies, you will get a discount of 10%.


Olympus Is Amazing

Olympos is one of the most special holiday regions of Antalya. It is a place where many native and foreign tourists live each year and all are happy with its natural, immaculate sea and historical texture. The township, which is especially famous for its bungalow-style tree houses, is generally a pension type. Olympos is situated just after Kemer, you will find Olympos when you come down 11 km from the main road down to the sea. One of the most different aspects of Olympos is that there is no hotel or pension on the beach. Because of the spawning area of ​​caretta carettas, coastal sheridine which is included in the protected area can only be reached by walking 300-400 meters. At this point the sea is a clean and untouched region. Walking to the sea, you have to pass through the famous Antique Lycian City. So you can reach the sea by walking through the forest and ancient ruins. With all these aspects, Olympos is a special place. Especially for university students and young vacationers.
olympus beach


Our Contracted Businesses

There are 3 separate businesses where you can get a discount in Olympos by renting a car from us. We have chosen these places exclusively and we have agreed to negotiate for them. When you rent a car from us, you will receive a 10% discount on the total price, we will give you a special discount code. All of the places are well-known businesses with high-level service qualifications and in all parts of Olympos.

Olympos Hotel Divasa

Divasa Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels of Olympos. Comfortable and spacious rooms, a rich and open buffet style kitchen which we can highly recommend. We would recommend it to those who want to make a comfortable holiday in Olympos. You can check out the web sites for more details and booking (Olympos Divasa Hotel)

Olympos Hotel

Olympos Boutique Hotel, which is one of the luxury categorized properties in Olympos, also has a swimming pool and welcomes you with its spacious garden and comfortable rooms. The hotel has an à la carte restaurant, which serves buffet breakfast and dinner. For more details and to make a reservation, you can visit the web site (Olympos Boutique Hotel) by clicking here.

Olympus Çamlık Pension

Çamlık Pension is one of the oldest establishments in the Olympos tree houses concept. It is possible to make a natural, quiet holiday in the rooms which are all bungalows. Çamlık Pension, one of the oldest establishments of Olympos, has open buffet and dinner. To get more information about Çamlık Pension you can click here and check the web site. (Olimpos Camlik Pension)
As Antalya Airport Rent a Car, we do not offer an ordinary car rental service to you. It is enough to see that all of our assertions turned into reality if you work with us…

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