Antalya Airport Rent a Car , Antalya Araç Kiralama

Daily rental possible

Daily rental possible

We know what is the meaning of necessary.So do not think about being shy about rent a car even couple of hours.Absolutely you can rent a car with out limitation.You have a one-day business in Antalya and you need a rental. Call us, let us both deliver your rental and take it back at the airport, with no extra charges. You can also make your payment with credit card. We are the best rent a car company in Antalya. It will be the best referance for us that you know our service.

For our citizens living abroad


Antalya Rent A Car offers the best service with the airport delivery, problem free vehicles for our own citizens living abroad. Our vehicle fleet is between 0-3 years, with service maintenance and “rent a car” insurance. Car delivery at the airport with or without the driver. We are proud that we serve our valuable customers in Antalya.


The era of renting car without deposit !!!


Antalya Rent A car provides you to hire car without paying deposit. It is enough to make reservation on our website and it requires only to give your personal information in full when you make reservation. As soon as you send your request, we are going to confirm your reservation and we do not expect any fee. When we deliver your vehicle, we do not claim any fee also.

we are spearhead company thanks to your preferences.


Make your reservation for Sacrifice Holiday


We have got tons of reservation last Ramadan Holiday.We couldn't afford all reservations and it maked us sad.We feel Sacrifice Holiday is will be like last holiday and we started Earlier and Cheaper System.If you make a reservation earlier we will bring your car with %100 chance.And last Earlier Reservation Cheaper.Thanks for chosing Antalya Car Hire.Antalya rent a car is always be proud to serve you.


Date of Announcements: 2017-02-25 15:57:27