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Any car crashed happens don't worry

Any car crashed happens don't worry

In these days too much small local companies opened in Antalya.Thats really big problem because they arent professional about this business.In the antalya too few car rental companies got car rental insurance and us.Our all cars got special car rental insurance.if any accident happens just try to calm down and check yours health and body.Do not think about car's parts or crashed area.After the accident immediately call the police and take car accident report and alcohol report.After that you don't have to pay any cost to us and we can deliver new cars if you want.If I need to take a car from Antalya I don't look other antalya car rental companies directly take a car from this company trust me that's not joke.


We do not like our cars (!)

I know your mind says "What does it mean?".I can hear it from here.Let me explain.Firstly I want to use a Turkish proverb."Somebody who loves his home too much he won't rent his home,somebody who loves his sister he won't let her marry with someone".From to this side we don't like our cars.Thats normal if some little accident happens don't think about "ohh What will I do? Will they charge me any extra cost? Oh my god" etc.Maybe it seems like intresting mentality.But trust us that's what it needs to be!Every Antalya car hire companies must have to do this but what a pity.They don't!Nevermind it if any accident happens only try to focus on your holiday or business.We can solve everything easly.We are trying to gain your trust.That's the main point.


Date of Announcements: 2017-02-25 15:50:59