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Antalya Transfer Elit Service!!

Antalya Transfer Elit Service!!


Antalya rent a car not just a car hiring company we are also intrested in transportation.We got wide transportation web and medium class,luxury class cars,like our car rental employees our transfer employees also exparianced and know English perfect degree.We are ready for you at the Antalya airport transfer.

We are coming over 33 years and we did it first.We create new thoughts.We create first class service. I explain our transfer ways.We got 3-5 people transfer and 7-8 people comfortable cars for you and your familiy.Every hour we are ready at the airport to make your transportation to your locaiton in safety and confort.


Antalya Rent a Car powered by a company

Rent a car service provided by the research, the market research in Turkey, who first and only rent a car, but We will.  A approximately 35 years with a history of Antalya Rent a Car rent a car companies in better quality and the different service to professional teams working on behalf, and He peppers his service provided by the car rental service to include notice that every day offers you a beautiful amenities.  
for rent arabalarımıza previous years according to your musical taste and cd are leaving a company, and now also in Turkey, no color a car company is taking a non-signature is put into service and rental cars all speak in one mobile phone is installed ready for use.  Emergency situations that you can use for this with a cell phone in the event of an emergency, or when you call your own phone number on line without worrying about whether or not us arayabileceksiniz or support units.  
apparently this type of services that you have died, even though it is smaller to make it easier on behalf nuanslardır thought out.  Latest model , the service well maintained, new tires, the car rental arabalarımızın statistics in history based on a ratio of 0.1 is defined as.  That is because our car broke down on the go with our stay but we are once in a blue moon you'll do it once in a blue moon, as a readily available in the event of an who don't want us to ensure you have access to all vehicles for rent ready-to-use mobile phone we have one.  This service will give you an indication of verdigimz Article 11 1. 
Antalya Rent a Car powered by a company that specialises in mutlulugundan linking you.  35-year history, and the future.  You can smile face in steps we are sure that we can continue to provide service to you ... 


Date of Announcements: 2017-02-26 13:13:45